Location Scouting for Northern Ontario

Navigating the north can be simple and fun, with our help. Post Production North has a library of location pictures that can help narrow down your search for the ideal shooting location.

Location Scouting Service

If we don’t have exactly what you are looking for, we have a pool of experienced, local scouts who know their way around North Bay and the surrounding areas.

Why Shoot in North Bay?

North Bay is a very versatile shooting location. We can look like a big city or quaint small town. We can show big industry or artistic community. Our town is friendly and supportive of the film and TV industry, and we have a vast number of resources to make working on your project easy. Hotels, catering, craft, and plenty of support services are waiting.

Please contact us with your project description, and we can set you up with qualified OMDC scouts in the area to find you what you need.

Some Northern Ontario Location Photos: