About Post Production North

Post Production North provides digital post-production solutions for film and television, as well as ADR (Additional Dialog Recording), Sound Mixing and Colour Correction. We offer next day turnaround for dailies. We also provide data wrangling and colour management for all digital image-capture formats.

Post Production North: Supporting Northern Ontario Film Projects

Post Production North is committed to building and supporting the film industry here in Northern Ontario. We provide professional services for production companies shooting in Northern Ontario.

The focus on film in Northern Ontario has been on the production aspect of the industry, and we saw a need for the development of the post element. Working with our partners, Urban Post and Theatre D, we can offer industry professionals with years of experience, to give you what you need.

Dan Peel

Dan has an impressive background in digital technology, post–production, sales and customer service. His expertise and personal attention to detail have established Dan as an important element in the Canadian filmmaking post-production sector.

Dan is a co-founder of Theatre D Digital and a managing partner at Urban Post Production– one of Toronto’s foremost post facilities – Dan continues to lead with his technological foresight and unwavering commitment to customer service.

Lieann Koivukoski

Lieann has been involved in promoting and supporting film and new media in Northern Ontario for over a decade. With a background in new media and arts organizations, she has developed a strong relationship with community and the film industry here in Northern Ontario.

In 2014, Lieann made partnerships with post houses in Toronto to create Post Production North – an essential service needed in the North.

As a consultant, she has helped to support many projects that have come to Northern Ontario to bring their projects into being.

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